Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Selamat Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1437 H

Teruntuk teman-teman yang merayakan Idul Fitri,
yang sebulan penuh menahan diri,
yang menghabiskan hari ini dengan orang-orang tercinta 
dan kenangan akan mereka yang tak lagi bersama,
yang mungkin menyesal setelah piring ketiga,
nikmati cinta dan berkah yang melimpah! :)

Selamat mencomot..

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Support system of the year!

31st of December is the day where the whole world finally agree on something: to be melancholic, grateful yet optimistic all in one shot. If only this mentality can be applied to the rest of 364 days, the world will surely be a better place for you and for me. Plus we get to enjoy the best of pretty much everything: records, books, videos, potato chips, Kate Middleton's dress, you name it.

I'm not being sarcastic, don't take me wrong. The whole concept is great except that I don't know how to map mine. I won't say it was a bad year. No tragedy, family is all together, and most importantly alive enough to type this down. So, no. I have no right to say it was a bad one. In fact I met amazing people and learned so much through the year.  The good cliche bits. 

But to be honest, I just can't sing it loud and romanticise it as the best year of my life with angelic orchestra and cupid playing harp in the background. Maybe more of The Moldy Peaches arrangement, enjoyable and nothing too emotional. Half glass full, this should be a good sign of the best is yet to come. Because there's no downhill at the starting ground. 

Nevertheless, 2014 was a fun year. It's probably the one that I'll understand in 10 years time with lots of "Ooo.." or have a good laugh at. A year that is worth a story though not a trophy. Three hundred and sixty five days of struggles and little wins that pushed my limits to both ends. That never ending first 30 torturous minutes of any physical training that makes you want to die and have no better choice than believing so much in yourself in order to make it out alive.

What I'm trying to say here is..pretty much nothing. I am simply grateful and confused like I have always been. But if, if I  must say one thing, it'll only be:

To friends, family and strangers who have always believe in me even when I don't; that whole chunk of warm and loving humans, I owe you 2014. 

............................................HAPPY LIFE GOES ON!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


"A friend may be waiting behind a stranger's face" -Maya Angelou

Strangers. When we were younger, they are people whom you shall not speak to and 87,24% of chances are freaks. As you grow up, they turn out to be 87,24% cool (the rest remain freaks) and humans you share story with. For some reason, lately we seem to find each other more than ever, despite the fact of my social-life-less situation and I can't be more thankful for it.

From a picture book aficionado in Jambi to an Icelandic puppeteer, from a passionate community artist in the slope of Merapi volcano mountain  to a Basel based architect surfer, people whom I never imagine exist are now something I can call friend.  I annoyed them with curiosity and in return they pleasantly fulfil it with pure awesomeness

Well, for some people it might be no big deal or something that they expect because they are constantly travelling; but it's a different story for me. As much as I love what I am pursuing for living, I must say it is consuming: time, energy, money, and social life wise. But again, which dream does not?
So I do travel but not very often and not very far but randomness has been an accomplished matchmaker. Things such as an overdue work, summer fling, puppet workshops and even a tweet has been a vehicle to the stranger city that is just next to the new friend village. It always excites me listening to first hand stories about habits, history, and basically life from places that are nowhere familiar. Sometimes I find them unbelievably surreal but more often just jaw dropping and knowledge piling.

Last week I received a much desired book from one and enjoyed semur jengkol with another. Both happened in the least expected moment which in fact, doubles the fun. In this tiny bubble of mine, having the opportunity to be connected and inspired by floating friendly strangers who just happened to fall on to my lap is such a breeze to this crazy heat of ambition.

P.s So sorry Time magazine and influential people but also thank you. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Clean Shave

Hello, world wide web.

I'M BACK. After some spring cleaning, up and downs, hit and miss opportunities; I think it's time to write again. Not exactly because I'm good at it, if not at all, but hey why not? Isn't the best thing about shortcomings is you ought to try harder? And if one is lucky enough, one might surprise herself. Well, maybe after 396 head banging frustration moments, but still.

I have decided to unpublished the previous articles because I want to start fresh (yet too lazy to come up with a new blog). I am still very proud of my previous work because no matter how awful they might look in the present, I won't be able to do what I'm capable of doing now without it. Doing badly is the beginning of excellent. Not doing is the beginning of..well, nothing. However, it just feels right to start all over again, fresh and warm like a new clean sheet.

Expect a handful of drawings and none of rocket science. Outer space grammar and self depreciating party. Things that I either enjoy or hate passionately. Places I go and strangers that I love whole heartedly.

..but in the crappiest way possible. So I can always go beyond anyone's expectation and feel slightly better about myself. Ha.

Off we go.

**daily updates of wishi washi scribbles can be seen in my instagram feed: @utayutay but kindly ignore any silly faces. xx
a deconstructed watercolour artwork collage
23 x 29,5 cm 300gr montval paper